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Most famous as the home of the Komodo Dragon, Komodo Island is also the heard of the Komodo National Park. It's also called Jurasic Park of Indonesia.

Dive spot's like Cristall Rock and Castle Rock are not easy to dive because of very strong currents but the number of small and big fish is outstanding.

Thank's to the dive guides of Blue Marlin.

Komodo Island

The Komodo Islands are dry most of the year. Only the mangroves remain green.

Eagle Ray

Eagle Ray at Cristall Rock

Withe Tip Shark

Withe Tip Shark with followers

Bambooshark's in a cave

Hairy Frogfish

Hairy Frogfish

Diagonal Banded Sweetlips

Schooling fishes

Yellow Mask Angelfish

Yellow Mask Angelfish

Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon ( zoom )

Live a board

Relaxing on a live a board

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